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TykeType! a free, open-source application for toddler typing

TykeType! is a free, open-source application I created for my toddler to type at the computer keyboard. The app is very minimal, though it does have a few features (like automatically separating numbers from letters) that make reading text aloud easier. You can see a quick demonstration video below. TykeType! is built for Mac OSX […]

Robotic Graffiti Tagger!

A labor-saving device for graffiti artists. An assistive tool or telematic proxy for taggers working in harsh environments. Long-needed relief for graffiti artists with RSI. Or simply, pure research into as-yet-untrammeled intersections of automation and architecture. We give you: the ROBOTAGGER, an industrial robot arm programmed with GML, the new “Graffiti Markup Language” created by […]

Bezier approximation of a circular arc, in Processing

/* Processing (http://www.processing.org, v.1.0.1) Java program for Approximating a circular arc with a cubic Bezier curve. Reasonably accurate for angles up to a quarter-circle or so. The solution is taken from this PDF by Richard DeVeneza: http://www.tinaja.com/glib/bezcirc2.pdf linked from this excellent site by Don Lancaster: http://www.tinaja.com/cubic01.asp Note: written for clarity; not optimized! */ void setup(){ […]

Three Tiny Programs: Time-Lapse, Stop-Motion, Slit-Scan

This afternoon, I created three tiny Processing programs to serve as educational tools for exploring different relationships between video and time: time-lapse recording, stop-motion animation, and slit-scan imaging. These programs were created for students in my new course, “Interactive Technologies for Live Performance”, which I’m teaching this spring in collaboration with Matt Gray from the […]