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Infovis 2008 Art Exhibition

Documentation of the IEEE Infovis 2008 Art Exhibition, which I co-curated with Fernanda Viégas, is now online here, with some additional photos and panoramas here on Flickr. The exhibition featured the talents of Amy Hoy + Thomas Fuchs, Stefanie Posavec, Peter Crnokrak, W. Bradford Paley, Jonathan Feinberg + Katherine McVety, and Stefanie Gray. It was held […]

Machine vision vs. rice, pineapple, nuts

Reading the questions posted to the OpenCV (Open-Source Computer Vision) mailing list is one of my small pleasures in life. My favorite inquiries are those which combine charmingly flawed English, an improbable or unexpected problem domain, and the implicit expectation that the writer’s problem is not only solvable as described, but has a well-understood solution […]