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A Processing Parser for SubRip Subtitle Files

In collaboration with Brazilian new-media artist Pablo Dias, I developed this Processing tool for reading and parsing SubRip files (a popular text file format for movie subtitles). This project was developed with support from the Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The applet is hosted at OpenProcessing and can be downloaded in this zip file. The […]

Tag Clouds in Processing with OpenCloud

I created a demo of tag clouds in Processing using MCavallo‘s excellent Java-based OpenCloud library. The development was extremely straightforward. Below is the Processing applet (hosted at OpenProcessing), visualizing a tag cloud of Dr. Suess’ Green Eggs and Ham, and its code. (The entire project can be downloaded here.) Clicking the applet alternates between alphabetic […]

OpenFrameworks Developer Meeting 2011

Last week, the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at CMU proudly hosted the first international openFrameworks developer meeting — in which the lead creators of OpenFrameworks (an open-source, cross-platform, cross-compiler toolkit for creative coding in C++) encamped at the STUDIO to push forth version 0.70 of this powerful and widely-used library. Gathered together from five countries, […]

Updates to Yellowtail iPhone/iPad App!

I’m pleased to announce that the latest version (1.1) of my Yellowtail iOS app has major improvements for internationalization, and significantly improved compatibility as well. If you’ve seen a bug, crash or typo — it has probably been fixed (and your update to the new version is free). For more information about Yellowtail, check it […]