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Infosthetic art survey at Slate; Women in Infovis

Amanda Schaffer has written a sly and compact survey of some infosthetic artworks in a new Slate article, “Viz Whiz: How artists are mining data sets to make you see the unseen“. It’s a good introductory article for educators, with discussions of influential projects by creatives like Martin Wattenberg, Jonathan Harris, Ben Fry, and Jason […]

Some Thoughts on Subtraction

I was fortunate several years ago to work with designer (Alexander) Gelman, an extraordinary thinker and creator with immense rigor. His practice involves mercilessly eschewing the extraneous, in order to distill the essential. Among other books, Gelman is editor of the Subtraction compilation which illustrates this idea very articulately. Gelman’s vocabulary helped clarify my ideas […]

Facts and Suggestions for CMU BCSA Applicant Portfolios

NOTICE 1: Please note that the information in this blog post does not represent the official policy of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), the CMU Computer Science Department (CSD), the CMU College of Fine Arts (CFA), the CMU School of Art (SoA), or the CMU Office of Interdisciplinary Degree Programs.  Any suggestions below should be understood, instead, […]

Golan now on LibraryThing

Thanks to Toxi, ever the early adopter, I’ve just discovered the excellent LibraryThing service, for sharing catalogues of books. My library is now (partially) indexed there, and will get filled in progressively when I feel like procrastinating that way. Feel free to browse my shelves.

“Oh no! I’m on your waitlist!”

Around this time of year I frequently receive emails from anxious Carnegie Mellon students who have tried to register for my courses, but have found themselves on the waitlist instead. It’s an understandably stressful situation for these students, who want to resolve their semester schedules and may have a strong desire to take my class. Since I have […]