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Installing Arduino with Firmata for MaxMSP and Processing in OSX

Firmata is a library which allows environments like Processing and MaxMSP/Jitter to communicate with the Arduino microcontroller over USB. More specifically, Firmata allows these environments to treat the tethered Arduino as a transparent interface board for communicating with sensors and actuators. This means that students learning MaxMSP or Processing can execute a reasonable subset of […]

GML Stenciler: Laser Cut Patterns from Graffiti Markup Language

We announce the release of GMLStenciler, an open-source software project for converting Graffiti Markup Language (GML) drawings into vector-art stencils suitable for laser cutting. This free tool solves the problem of transforming GML’s widthless linear strokes into adjustably-thickened stencil patterns with automatically bridged islands. GMLStenciler is built in openFrameworks, an open-source C++ toolkit 
for creative […]