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Rectified Flowers

Kyle McDonald and I were reading about domain shifting between polar and Cartesian geometries, and noticed that flowers make particularly interesting subjects for this transformation. Abusing my open-source BloggieUnwarper panoramic-imaging software with some flower photographs from Flickr, we produced the “flower panoramas” below. This is what you would see if you were doing panoramic imaging […]

Modding the Bloggie Panoramic Lens Accessory

This post explains how to achieve full 1080p video with the Sony Bloggie’s 360-degree video accessory. It also illustrates some of the limitations you will encounter in doing so. In my previous blog post about panoramic imaging with the Bloggie, I complained about how the Bloggie automatically lowers its resolution from 1920×1080 down to 1280×720 […]

Open-Source Panoramic Video: Bloggie + OpenFrameworks & Processing

I’m pleased to announce the release of free code and tools, created in openFrameworks and Processing, for unwarping the panoramic videos produced by the popular Sony Bloggie solid-state camera. The inexpensive Bloggie ($160-190), in many ways similar to the Flip, is a perfectly decent little pocket camera with one exceptionally notable feature: it allows for […]

TykeType! a free, open-source application for toddler typing

TykeType! is a free, open-source application I created for my toddler to type at the computer keyboard. The app is very minimal, though it does have a few features (like automatically separating numbers from letters) that make reading text aloud easier. You can see a quick demonstration video below. TykeType! is built for Mac OSX […]

A Brief Note on Infrared Filters: 87 vs 87C

Many computer vision projects require a camera which blocks visible light and exclusively sees infrared light. Unless you have money to spend on optical glass units, such filters generally take the form of a thin sliver of black gelatine or polyester sheet, inserted between your camera’s sensor chip and your lens. Representative products include the […]