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Computing (almost) without Computers (Eyeo Code+Ed Session)

Links and Notes from the Eyeo Festival Code+Ed Session, June 10, 2014  The following is a list of resources which you may find helpful in teaching introductory programming concepts and computational thinking. Wherever possible, these links list resources which are “computerless”, relying instead on paper and cardboard constructions, physical performances, etcetera. This list was compiled from a discussion […]

Culture and New Media: 5 Questions by Lev Manovich

I’m delighted to announce the publication of Vito Campanelli and Danilo Capasso’s new book on database aesthetics, “Culture and New Media: Five questions by Lev Manovich”  (MAO, 2011) which contains a set of my short essays. Campanelli and Capasso write that “the genesis of the book is to be found in the talk that Lev […]

A short list of Dutch computational designers who use rapid prototyping

A short list of Dutch computational artists/designers who use rapid prototyping, compiled from responses to a Twitter inquiry: Driessens & Verstappen (Amsterdam): http://notnot.home.xs4all.nl/ Catalogtree (Arnhem): http://catalogtree.net/projects/about ProtospaceNL (Utrecht):  http://protospace.nl TNO (Delft): http://www.tno.nl/index.cfm?Taal=2 Demakersvan (Rotterdam): http://www.demakersvan.com/ Rune Madsen (Netherlands/ NYC): http://www.runemadsen.com/work Claire Warnier (Netherlands/Belgium): http://unfold.be/pages/projects/items/l%E2%80%99artisan-electroniqu

OpenFrameworks Developer Meeting 2011

Last week, the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at CMU proudly hosted the first international openFrameworks developer meeting — in which the lead creators of OpenFrameworks (an open-source, cross-platform, cross-compiler toolkit for creative coding in C++) encamped at the STUDIO to push forth version 0.70 of this powerful and widely-used library. Gathered together from five countries, […]

Keeping Yourself Fed after Graduating

Here’s a short list of digital tools which may help graduating fine arts students bridge the transition to adult working life. I’m currently co-teaching a Senior Project course for approximately 40 Fine Arts undergraduates in the Carnegie Mellon School of Art. In just a few months, these seniors, most of whom work in traditional 2D […]