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Symposium: Code, Form, Space (February 3-7 at CMU)

I am delighted to announce “Code, Form, Space”, a mini-symposium about generative form and digital fabrication, which will be held at Carnegie Mellon University during the week of February 3-7. Nearly all of the events are completely free and open to the public – and include lecture presentations by such distinguished computational artist/designers as C.E.B. […]

Three Tiny Programs: Time-Lapse, Stop-Motion, Slit-Scan

This afternoon, I created three tiny Processing programs to serve as educational tools for exploring different relationships between video and time: time-lapse recording, stop-motion animation, and slit-scan imaging. These programs were created for students in my new course, “Interactive Technologies for Live Performance”, which I’m teaching this spring in collaboration with Matt Gray from the […]

Andrea’s Sunchoke & Celeriac Soup

Andrea just whipped this up, and I must say, it’s insanely good. I’ve made some notes below about how one might make a vegan or dairy-free version. That said, this soup is a really good excuse for bacon. Ingredients: 1 pound (0.45kg) Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes), peeled ½ of one celery root (celeriac), peeled 5 medium […]

Johnston’s Rules of Expressions for Eyes, and Time Travel

In The Illusion of Life, classic Disney animators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston present their highly influential “12 Rules for Animation“, which have all sorts of implications for interactive technologies. I just came across Ollie Johnston’s more specific 12 Rules for Expressions, which I reproduce below. Two rules which particularly caught my eye (pun) are […]

Complete “Ursonography” performance video now online

The work isn’t finished until it’s documented, a friend of mine used to say. Thus I’m delighted to announce that a complete performance of “Ursonography” (my live-typography performance with virtuoso sound-poet Jaap Blonk) is now hosted online at Vimeo. This is an authoritative documentation of our February 2007 concert at the STUK center in Leuven, […]