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An Open Letter to the NEA

Dear NEA Grants Officers, Today I had the pleasure to review the NEA’s latest (2014) group of grantees. I wish you my heartiest congratulations on selecting such a large, diverse and unquestionably deserving group of grantees. We are thrilled, honored and privileged to have been selected for one of these awards. In reviewing the grantees of the […]

Sight and Insight

Written for the inaugural issue of HOLO magazine, August 2013. Somewhere in an airport, a machine vends a free cup of coffee when it sees someone yawn. Two hundred astonished people get a hot drink! – and a quarter million more watch the perky video online. I suppose I’m a little surprised at their surprise. It’s […]

Response to an Invitation

Hello ████████████████, Thank you for this kind invitation to present at ████████████████. I looked at your 2013 web site, and I counted 8 women out of 60 speakers, or 13%. I regret to say that I no longer speak at events with such a poor ratio of female:male presenters. Of course it’s your business how […]

New-Media Artists are the Unpaid R&D of Ad Agencies

This was a presentation I delivered at FITC’s ETA Conference in Toronto, 19 October 2012 From the program notes: “A surprising number of today’s most widely-used information technologies had their beginnings as provocative prototypes conceived and developed by new-media artists. In fact, new-media innovations are increasingly originated and shared by individual artists and tiny artist-collectives […]

Some thoughts on infographic street art

Earlier this week I presented “Infoviz Graffiti“, an adjustable lasercut stencil for the rapid deployment of pie-chart infographics. Shortly thereafter, Nicola Bozzi of Owni.eu, and Suzanne LaBarre of FastCompany.com, independently contacted me seeking interviews. Their questions were complementary so I have compiled my responses to them here. How did you come up with the concept […]