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Bezier approximation of a circular arc, in Processing

/* Processing (http://www.processing.org, v.1.0.1) Java program for Approximating a circular arc with a cubic Bezier curve. Reasonably accurate for angles up to a quarter-circle or so. The solution is taken from this PDF by Richard DeVeneza: http://www.tinaja.com/glib/bezcirc2.pdf linked from this excellent site by Don Lancaster: http://www.tinaja.com/cubic01.asp Note: written for clarity; not optimized! */ void setup(){ […]

Art and Code recap!

I’ve finally recovered from directing ART AND CODE, a conference about “programming environments for artists, young people, and the rest of us” that we held at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh from March 6-9th. The conference featured 26 workshops in 11 different arts-programming languages, and lecture presentations by fifteen or so of the key innovators […]

Vernacular Computation

After ART AND CODE, I’ve got the conference bug, and am pondering the possibility of putting together another symposium… this time on the intersection of software studies and vernacular computing practices, including vernacular data-mining, vernacular visualization, vernacular data analysis….