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Some thoughts on infographic street art

Earlier this week I presented “Infoviz Graffiti“, an adjustable lasercut stencil for the rapid deployment of pie-chart infographics. Shortly thereafter, Nicola Bozzi of Owni.eu, and Suzanne LaBarre of FastCompany.com, independently contacted me seeking interviews. Their questions were complementary so I have compiled my responses to them here. How did you come up with the concept […]

See Yourself Sensing (London Exhibition)

In tandem with the release of Madeline Schwartzman’s new book, See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception, my interactive work EyeCode will appear this month in an exhibition at the Work Gallery, London.

Infoviz Graffiti: an Adjustable Pie-Chart Stencil

I designed an adjustable lasercut stencil, suitable for the rapid deployment of pie-chart infographics. The design comes with a set of re-arrangeable letters. Changing the message and percentage is straightforward. The stencil has some noteworthy design features: The letters are designed to be held in place with adhesive tape. The pie chart pointer is held […]