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Culture and New Media: 5 Questions by Lev Manovich

I’m delighted to announce the publication of Vito Campanelli and Danilo Capasso’s new book on database aesthetics, “Culture and New Media: Five questions by Lev Manovich”  (MAO, 2011) which contains a set of my short essays. Campanelli and Capasso write that “the genesis of the book is to be found in the talk that Lev […]


Caroline Stevan has written a nice review (“Bons plans urbains en forme de codeQR“) of the QR_HOBO_CODES and QR_STENCILER in Le Temps, a major French-language newspaper.

Opto-Isolator II in the “Decode” exhibition at the V&A

“Opto-Isolator” is an interactive robot which returns the visitor’s gaze, and responds with a variety of uncanny eye gestures. Last week, I installed a new version of the project in the “Decode: Digital Design Sensations” exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum, in London. The BBC has kindly provided this interview video about Opto-Isolator II, […]

Golan’s 2009 TED Talk, online

The TED Conference just posted a 15’33” online video of my February 2009 presentation today. Happily, the TED organization also permits their videos to be shared and embedded under a Creative Commons licence: TED kindly provides the same video for download in additional formats as well:Zipped MP4 video file / Podcast MP4 video for iTunes. […]