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Response to an Invitation

Hello ████████████████, Thank you for this kind invitation to present at ████████████████. I looked at your 2013 web site, and I counted 8 women out of 60 speakers, or 13%. I regret to say that I no longer speak at events with such a poor ratio of female:male presenters. Of course it’s your business how […]

Happy New Year 2011!

Keeping Yourself Fed after Graduating

Here’s a short list of digital tools which may help graduating fine arts students bridge the transition to adult working life. I’m currently co-teaching a Senior Project course for approximately 40 Fine Arts undergraduates in the Carnegie Mellon School of Art. In just a few months, these seniors, most of whom work in traditional 2D […]

TykeType! a free, open-source application for toddler typing

TykeType! is a free, open-source application I created for my toddler to type at the computer keyboard. The app is very minimal, though it does have a few features (like automatically separating numbers from letters) that make reading text aloud easier. You can see a quick demonstration video below. TykeType! is built for Mac OSX […]

Computational Gastronomy

It can be a rewarding and entertaining exercise to think through the implications of prepending “computational” to various subjects of consideration — particularly those fields traditionally considered “outside” the purview of procedural science, like the arts and humanities. (As communications technologies inexorably revolutionize every aspect of contemporary life, such a gedankenexperiment is merely a reasonable […]