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TykeType! a free, open-source application for toddler typing

13 June 2010 / code, life, project

TykeType! A free application for toddler typing

TykeType! is a free, open-source application I created for my toddler to type at the computer keyboard. The app is very minimal, though it does have a few features (like automatically separating numbers from letters) that make reading text aloud easier. You can see a quick demonstration video below.

TykeType! is built for Mac OSX and uses openFrameworks, an open-source toolkit for creative coding. You’re invited to download the application (and all source code) here. The software and code are free for non-commercial purposes, and are provided without any support.

Creative Commons License
TykeType! by Golan Levin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. Keywords: children’s software, software for children, free toddler typing game, free typing program for kids, toddler typing software, pressing keys, pushing buttons, keyboarding, introductory keyboard skills, basic reading skills, keyboard interaction, typing software, computer keyboard play. Also see related software: TykeWriter, ToddlerType.

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