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Pedagogic Resources on Chinese Painting Villages

Below are some resources about the “Chinese Painting Village” phenomenon, such as Dafen or Wushipu in Shenzhen, which employ about 10,000 artists and produce more than 60% of the world’s oil paintings. The information below may be ‘of interest’ to arts educators and/or students, particularly those studying painting. I am grateful to Clement Valla for […]

A Juxtaposition: John Cage vs. Sam Taylor-Wood

“When a violinist plays, which is incidental: the arm movement or the bow sound? Try arm movement only.” — Yoko Ono, ‘To the Wesleyan People’, 1966. [I’m grateful to Dawn Weleski for finding this quote]. The BBC orchestras have been getting an unusual and highly conceptual workout of late. I have been mulling over the […]

Announcing: Interactive Sound Art at NIME 2009

Dear friends, if you’re in the Pittsburgh area from June 4-6, come enjoy this exhibition I’ve curated as part of the NIME 2009 Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression. A brochure with more information is available here: nime2009_installations.pdf (3.4Mb). INTERACTIVE SOUND INSTALLATIONS An Exhibition at the Ninth Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression […]