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Using the Kinect in Processing

Interested in using the Kinect depth sensor in Processing? Here are some options. From the main Processing Libraries page, You can find a link to Max Rheiner’s Open-NI library for Processing. A slightly older option for depth-imaging is by Dan Shiffman, and includes a nice tutorial. No skeletons, though. For skeletons only, one option is […]

Free Video Delay in Processing

Here is a simple, free video delay program, made in Processing v.1.5.1, which I created for a student. The length of the delay is currently set to 100 frames, or approximately 3 seconds. Art students considering to use it should familiarize themselves with classic video delay work, such as Dan Graham’s “Video Delay Room” (1974). […]


NOTE: This page is an archival copy. The ‘official’ web page for this project is:http://fffff.at/qr-stenciler-and-qr-hobo-codes/. Yep, it’s a QR code stencil generator! In cooperation with the F.A.T. Lab and my student Asa Foster III, I am pleased to present QR_STENCILER, a free, fully-automated utility which converts QR codes into vector-based stencil patterns suitable for laser-cutting. […]

A Processing Parser for SubRip Subtitle Files

In collaboration with Brazilian new-media artist Pablo Dias, I developed this Processing tool for reading and parsing SubRip files (a popular text file format for movie subtitles). This project was developed with support from the Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The applet is hosted at OpenProcessing and can be downloaded in this zip file. The […]

Tag Clouds in Processing with OpenCloud

I created a demo of tag clouds in Processing using MCavallo‘s excellent Java-based OpenCloud library. The development was extremely straightforward. Below is the Processing applet (hosted at OpenProcessing), visualizing a tag cloud of Dr. Suess’ Green Eggs and Ham, and its code. (The entire project can be downloaded here.) Clicking the applet alternates between alphabetic […]