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Free Video Delay in Processing

14 October 2011 / code, pedagogy

Here is a simple, free video delay program, made in Processing v.1.5.1, which I created for a student. The length of the delay is currently set to 100 frames, or approximately 3 seconds. Art students considering to use it should familiarize themselves with classic video delay work, such as Dan Graham’s “Video Delay Room” (1974).

// Video Delay in Processing
import processing.video.*;
Capture myCap;
int capW = 320;
int capH = 240;

int nDelayFrames = 100; // about 3 seconds
int currentFrame = nDelayFrames-1;
PImage frames[];

void setup() {
  size (640, 480);
  myCap = new Capture(this, capW, capH);
  frames = new PImage[nDelayFrames];
  for (int i=0; i

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