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Announcing: Interactive Sound Art at NIME 2009

3 June 2009 / announcement, exhibition

Dear friends, if you’re in the Pittsburgh area from June 4-6, come enjoy this exhibition I’ve curated as part of the NIME 2009 Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression. A brochure with more information is available here: nime2009_installations.pdf (3.4Mb).

An Exhibition at the Ninth Conference on
New Interfaces for Musical Expression

June 4-6, 2009, 12-6pm
Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University
Purnell Center for the Arts, 5000 Forbes Ave.
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

As part of NIME2009, the Ninth Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, we invite the public to enjoy five interactive sound installations at the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University. Come experience spatialized audio, musical pendulums, solar-powered sound synthesis, and mobile message mashups — in this short-term exhibition of new media sound works by leading artist/researchers.

Featuring the artworks:

  • Elemental & Cyrene Reefs by Ivica Bukvic and Eric Standley;
  • Cellphonia: 4’33” by Steve Bull and Scot Gresham-Lancaster;
  • Pendaphonics by Dan Overholt, Byron Lahey, Anne-Marie Skriver Hansen,
    Winslow Burleson, and Camilla N. Jensen;
  • Sound Lanterns by Scott Smallwood; and
  • Artificial Analog Neural Network (AANN) by Phillip Stearns.

Installation Selection Committee: R. Luke DuBois and Golan Levin. Installations Chair and Exhibition Coordinator: Golan Levin. This exhibition was made possible with support from the CMU School of Music; the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry; the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University; and the CMU Schools of Art and Architecture.

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