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Organization planning tools

7 June 2008 / general

Increasingly I’ve become sensitized to the critical importance of good leadership within an organization. (Maeda’s RISD blog has been an eye-opener.) Meanwhile I’ve also been more and more involved in what one might call strategic planning. No, I’m not about to get an MBA, but here for my own reference are a few tools which I hope I’ll be able to use well:

Peter Drucker’s Five Questions for An Organization:

  • What is our mission?
  • Who is our customer?
  • What does the customer value?
  • What are our results?
  • What is our plan?

SWOT Analysis, a strategic planning tool used to evaluate, for an organization, its:

  • Strengths (to use)
  • Weaknesses (to stop)
  • Opportunities (to exploit)
  • Threats (to defend against)

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