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Lia’s Grandmother’s Poppy-Seed Cake (Mohnkuchen)

23 September 2008 / life

Whenever I’m in Linz for Ars Electronica, I flip out for the poppy-seed cake, which is a Central European specialty. My Austrian pal (and legendary software artist) Lia, originally from Graz, took note and kindly emailed me her grandmother’s original recipe. Thanks Lia!

Easy Mohn-Cake:
Note: 1 “cup” in Austria means something like a 250-gram yoghurt cup.
Note: 1 “package” of baking powder or vanilla sugar is a 16 gram quantity, like this.
Note: Poppy seeds (mohn) must be ground with a mohnmühle; this is critical.

3 whole eggs,
1 cup fine sugar (the really fine one),
1 cup of fine flour, [cake flour?]
1 cup of ground mohn,
1 cup of yoghurt (or sour cream),
1/2 cup of oil,
1 package of vanilla sugar,
1 package of baking powder.

Put all together, and bake on medium heat for around 60 minutes.

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