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Reflexive interactivity in “Wipe Cycle”, 1969

20 December 2008 / reference

Ira Schneider discussing his early interactive video artwork Wipe Cycle, which he made with Frank Gillette in 1969:

The most important thing was the notion of information presentation, and the notion of the integration of the audience into the information. One sees oneself exiting from the elevator. If one stands there for 8 seconds, one sees oneself entering the gallery from the elevator again. Now at the same time that one is apt to be seing oneself standing there watching Wipe Cycle. You can watch yourself live watching yourself 8 seconds ago, watching yourself 16 seconds ago, eventually feeling free enough to interact with this matrix, realizing one’s own potential as an actor.[Emphasis mine.]

From “TV as a Creative Medium” by Jud Yalkut, associated with the exhibition of the same name at the Howard Wise Gallery, 1969.

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