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Infovis 2008 Art Exhibition

Documentation of the IEEE Infovis 2008 Art Exhibition, which I co-curated with Fernanda Viégas, is now online here, with some additional photos and panoramas here on Flickr. The exhibition featured the talents of Amy Hoy + Thomas Fuchs, Stefanie Posavec, Peter Crnokrak, W. Bradford Paley, Jonathan Feinberg + Katherine McVety, and Stefanie Gray. It was held […]

Alphabet Synthesis Machine (2001) restored

After 16 months of being offline, the Alphabet Synthesis Machine is now back. The ASM was commissioned in 2001 by Art21, and created in collaboration with Jonathan Feinberg and Cassidy Curtis. Huge props to Jonathan for getting this up and working again in his spare time. The ASM had gone down due to a disk crash […]

Welcome to the Flong Blog.

Welcome to Flong! This WordPress blog syndicates brief announcements and other updates about my activities and observations. More generally, I’m delighted to announce that the revised Flong web site was launched on November 30th, 2007. I’m deeply indebted to Chris O’Shea for his assistance in designing and engineering this site. Thanks also to the WordPress […]