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Grateful for a name

In 1985, a research unit was formed at Carnegie Mellon called the “Center for Arts and Technology”. The interdisciplinary spirit was in the air — it was the same year that the Media Laboratory was founded at MIT. A few years later the CMU unit folded (I don’t have the complete history here) and was […]

Happy New Year 2010! (Interactive Card)

Dear friends – please enjoy our interactive new year’s card for 2010!

Praxis, Theoria, Poesis

I’m grateful to Stewart Butterfield for making me aware of this quote by John Adams, which I here repost from his Sylloge blog, for the purposes of my own reference and safekeeping: I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics […]

Vernacular Computation

After ART AND CODE, I’ve got the conference bug, and am pondering the possibility of putting together another symposium… this time on the intersection of software studies and vernacular computing practices, including vernacular data-mining, vernacular visualization, vernacular data analysis….

Machine vision vs. rice, pineapple, nuts

Reading the questions posted to the OpenCV (Open-Source Computer Vision) mailing list is one of my small pleasures in life. My favorite inquiries are those which combine charmingly flawed English, an improbable or unexpected problem domain, and the implicit expectation that the writer’s problem is not only solvable as described, but has a well-understood solution […]