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2002 | Golan Levin


Stria (2002: Golan Levin). A system which responds to touch through the development of glowing spots, Stria is a study in infinitesimally slow change. Its interactivity permits its user to create and manipulate a slowly-evolving color field: after establishing a set of initial conditions by adding virtual material to a simulated terrain, the terrain is gradually and procedurally dissolved, in a graphic evolution transpiring on the scale of minutesandhours. Stria exists in several formats, including a touchscreen-based software kiosque, a full-screen software artwork, and a miniatureonline applet.

Additional Resources

Stria can be experienced in this interactive Java applet.

The full-screen version of Stria is available from SoftwareArtSpace.
Additional images of Stria are available in this Flickr photoset.

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Stria Stria Stria Stria Stria