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New Year Cards

2009 | Golan Levin

New Year Cards

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A selection of my annual interactive New Years' cards, nearly all of which are Java applets built in Processing.

  • 2010 New Year 2010 (Obzok Family)
    A family trio, reworking a project that I contributed to the Singlecell interactive bestiary compilation some years ago.
  • 2009 New Year 2009 (Network Ornament)
    A reactive ornament whose design suggests our global social network. Note: the OpenGL version may take a while to load.
  • 2008 New Year 2008 (Blob Family)
    Another family trio, depicting me, my wife and my newborn son.
  • 2007 New Year 2007 (People Shape Snowflake)
    A snowflake built from mirrored and reflected silhouettes of people.
  • 2006 New Year 2006 (Whirled Peas)
    A hopefully self-explanatory pun.
  • 2005 New Year 2005 (Snowman)
    A springy snowman, hovering between 2D and 3D, with a special surprise.
  • 2003 New Year 2003 (Fireplace)
    Click and drag to see the hidden message here.
  • 2002 New Year 2002 (Dendritic Snowflake)
    An interactive snowflake simulated with diffusion-limited aggregation.
  • 2001 New Year 2001 (Typographic Snowfall)
    A collaboration with the great graphic designer, Gelman.

Interactive new year cards, Java applet, new years, holiday card, Processing.