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Civic Exchange Prototype

2004 | Golan Levin for Leeser Architecture, NYC

Civic Exchange Prototype

Leeser Architecture teamed with new media artist Golan Levin, StoSS landscape urbanism, and architect Laura Kurgan to create a multi-disciplinary interactive public installation for lower Manhattan. The installation was designed for Battery Park City with additional potential future sites, and was one of four finalists in the competition organized by the VanAlen Institute and the Architectural League of New York.

The work shown is a prototype navigation system for a large-scale public information display. Using only body-based interactions such as spreading or tilting their arms, users can zoom and pan around an interactive map of New York City. "Hotspots" in the upper part of the display allow for the selection of different information layers.

<i>Civic Exchange Navigation Prototype</i>, 2004
Civic Exchange Navigation Prototype, 2004 (34.69 MB)
Screen-capture from real-time interactive application.
[640x240 .avi, 1'10''; right-click to download.]