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1998 | Golan Levin


Directrix (1998: Golan Levin) is an interactive drawing environment in which users can quickly generate animated "pseudo-parabolas." These complex curves are the result of an interplay between a set of dynamic and static gestures performed by the user. When several of these curves are layered together, the results can vary from sparse and delicate constructions of gently curved lines, to violently twitching, thatchy masses.

Directrix creates images from a generalized model of parabolas. In classical geometry, a parabola is defined as the set of points which are equidistant from a special point called the focus, and a straight line called the directrix. The Directrix environment was designed to explore the implications of two premises: firstly, that the shape of a parabola's directrix could be the personal gesture of a user, and secondly, that its focus could be a moving point animated along the trace of a user's recorded gesture. Directrix is interesting because of the interplay it establishes between a strictly spatial specification (the directrix) and a spatio-temporal one (the path of the focus).

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