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2011 | Golan Levin & Kyle McDonald


Eyeshine (2011, Golan Levin and Kyle McDonald) is an interactive installation which captures, records and replays the retroreflections (red-eye effects) from the eyes of its observers. In doing so it presents an image wholly constructed through the process of being observed.

The same video at YouTube.

The project is inspired by the phenomenon of eyeshine, in which light can be seen reflecting brightly from the eyes of animals at night. In our interactive installation, a camera beneath the system's display captures these retroreflections from the visitors' eyes. Recordings of these lively eye movements are then layered in a bright tapestry, preserving their human qualities of gesture, while re-casting the observers, visually, as mysterious animals.

Demonstration and technical walkthrough of the Eyeshine installation.

Examples of eyeshine in the natural world: a pet dog; alligators in a swamp.