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Scrapple (Installation)

2005 | Golan Levin

Scrapple (Installation)

Scrapple (2005: Golan Levin) is an audiovisual installation in which everyday objects placed on a table are interpreted as sound-producing marks in an active score. The Scrapple system scans a table surface as if it were a kind of music notation, producing music in real-time from any objects lying there. The installation makes use of a variety of playful forms; in particular, long flexible curves allow for the creation of variable melodies, while an assemblage of cloth shapes, small objects and wind-up toys yields ever-changing rhythms. Video projections on the Scrapple table transform the surface into a simple augmented reality, in which the objects placed by users are elaborated through luminous and explanatory graphics. The 3-meter long table produces a 4-second audio loop, allowing participants to experiment freely with tangible, interactive audiovisual composition. In the Scrapple installation, "the table is the score."

Scrapple exists in both installation and performance formats. More information about the live performance version of Scrapple can be found here.

Video Documentation

Narrated overview of the Scrapple project, 052" (YouTube Vimeo)

Brief (036") demonstration of the Scrapple installations visual-sequencing interaction (Vimeo)

The following 114" video shows a performative demonstration of the Scrapple installation in use at the Ars Electronica Center, Linz, 2005. This video can also be viewed at Vimeo and YouTube, or downloaded in Quicktime format at the bottom of this page.

Additional Information

A technical article (ICMC 2006) about Scrapple is available here PDF [3.7 MB pdf].

Scrapple was created with support from the artist residency program of the Ars Electronica Futurelab, and has been acquired into the permanent collections of the San Francisco Exploratorium (2013) and the Universum Center, Bremen (2015). Scrapple has been exhibited at:

  • Komponiertisch, Universum, Bremen, Germany. 5/2015-.
  • San Francisco Exploratorium, California. 2013-.
  • Macht Musik, Technisches Museum Wien. 9/2010 - 6/2011.
  • iDAT (Interactive Design Art and Technology), Singapore Science Centre. 11/2007.
  • Cumulus, Danfoss Universe, Nordborg, Denmark. 5/2007.
  • Tmema Projects, NTT InterCommmunications Center (ICC), Tokyo, Japan. 8/2006.
  • Ars Electronica Museum of the Future, Linz, Austria. 9/2005.

Additional high quality images of Scrapple are available from this Flickr photoset.

Images (click to enlarge)

Scrapple (Installation) Scrapple (Installation) Scrapple (Installation) Scrapple (Installation) Scrapple (Installation) Scrapple (Installation)

<i>Scrapple</i> Installation, 2005 (Brief Demo)
Scrapple Installation, 2005 (Brief Demo) (48.57 MB)
Courtesy Ars Electronica Center, Linz.
[720x576, MPEG-4 .mov, 0:36. Right-click to download or watch on YouTube]
<i>Scrapple</i> Installation, 2005 (Extended Demo)
Scrapple Installation, 2005 (Extended Demo) (72.03 MB)
[720x576, MPEG-4 .mov, 1:14. Right-click to download or watch on YouTube]