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IEEE InfoVis 2008 Art Exhibition

2008 | Golan Levin and Fernanda B. Vigas

IEEE InfoVis 2008 Art Exhibition

Golan Levin and Fernanda B. Viégas co-curated the 3rd annual Art Exhibition for the IEEE InfoVis 2008 Conference, held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Columbus, Ohio. The exhibited projects were:

  • Twistori (2008) by Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs.
    Generative real-time display.
  • Writing Without Words (2008) by Stefanie Posavec.
    Computational print series.
  • A_B_ Peace & Terror etc. (2008) by Peter Crnokrak.
    Computational two-sided print.
  • Map of Science (2007) by W. Bradford Paley.
    Computational print.
  • Wordle (2008) by Jonathan Feinberg and Katherine McVety.
    Interactive web service and exemplar prints.
  • Ludacris Ho Map (2008) by Stefanie Gray.
    Print from digital image.

A binder documenting these artworks, excerpted from the InfoVis 2008 conference proceedings, is available here:
[9.2 MB pdf]

A Flickr photoset of panoramic photos and other documentation of the exhibition is available here

Panorama of the exhibition

Exhibition Statement

Traditionally the tool of the statistician and engineer, information visualization has increasingly become a powerful new medium for artists and designers as well. Owing in part to the mainstreaming of computer graphics and the democratization of information sources on the Internet, this new cadre of creative researchers has discovered the possibility of visualization techniques to reveal thought-provoking but otherwise hidden narratives. Often using little more than home computers and widely available programming toolkits, artists and designers have taken material evidence into their own hands and expanded the conceptual horizons of information visualization as a mode of artistic practice and critical inquiry.

This exhibition examines the merging of artistic intention and visualization technique. We seek artworks that reveal information patterns in aesthetic, provocative and innovative ways. The goal of the exhibit is to prompt viewers towards greater introspection about what information is worth visualizing and why.

The IEEE InfoVis 2008 Art Exhibition was made possible by support from the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University. The curators express their sincere gratitude to the artists; to Fran Flaherty, print technician of the CMU School of Art; to the 2008 IEEE InfoVis organizing committee; and especially to student volunteer Jihyun Kim of UCLA for their assistance in preparing this exhibition.

Information visualization, infosthetic art, infovis, infoviz, info art, data art, infosthetics, art exhibition, installation, interactive installations,
gallery, prints, computational arts, database aesthetics.

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IEEE InfoVis 2008 Art Exhibition IEEE InfoVis 2008 Art Exhibition