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Complete “Ursonography” performance video now online

The work isn’t finished until it’s documented, a friend of mine used to say. Thus I’m delighted to announce that a complete performance of “Ursonography” (my live-typography performance with virtuoso sound-poet Jaap Blonk) is now hosted online at Vimeo. This is an authoritative documentation of our February 2007 concert at the STUK center in Leuven, […]

Happy New Year 2009!

Happy new year from Golan, Andrea and Zenon! From the image below you can jump to view our interactive holiday card. (Note: this card requires the most recent Java and OpenGL plugins, and may take a moment to load.) For more interactive New Year’s cards, please visit my collection here.

Infovis 2008 Art Exhibition

Documentation of the IEEE Infovis 2008 Art Exhibition, which I co-curated with Fernanda Viégas, is now online here, with some additional photos and panoramas here on Flickr. The exhibition featured the talents of Amy Hoy + Thomas Fuchs, Stefanie Posavec, Peter Crnokrak, W. Bradford Paley, Jonathan Feinberg + Katherine McVety, and Stefanie Gray. It was held […]

Announcing a new project: “Double-Taker (Snout)”

I’m delighted to announce the premiere of a new project: Double-Taker (Snout), a large-scale outdoor interactive robot which appears to react with surprise to the presence and movements of its visitors. Shaped like a giant worm, with a foot-wide googly eye, Double-Taker attempts to synthesize a convincing new body language in a whimsical take on the […]

Restoration of Grether’s list: a significant media-arts resource

In the course of doing some research I was astounded and grieved to discover that Dr. Reinhold Grether had removed his amazing list of new-media links from his web site, Netzwissenschaft. I had come to depend on this extraordinary resource, and although I was hardly surprised to learn that Dr. Grether had tired of maintaining it […]