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Charming to frightening: new uses for computer vision

24 May 2008 / general

I’m a lurker on the mailing list for OpenCV, a powerful open-source toolkit for computer vision. To judge from the wide range of posts on this list, the OpenCV community is extremely diverse — whether cut by geography, expertise, or occupation — and brings together people working across commerce, government, security, and the arts. The following two recent posts on the OpenCV mailing list caught my eye, both for the way they illustrate¬†a glimpse of this diversity, as well as illuminate something else about the world we live in:

Subject: race classification
From: Benjamin Males
Date: 2008-04-14

Hello there
Has anyone had any experience with human race classification using
Haar classifiers? Is there any good source of images for training?


Subject: Detecting small impurity in food item
From: Habib Ullah Khan
Date: 2008-05-24

To all my respected Friends
I have attached an image which contain pastry “confectionary”, The pastry contain small round shape impurity I want to detect………..I shall be extremely thankful for your help….I need some technique……or any kind of help that can help me to detect these small tiny round shape impurities in the pastry. Once again I shall be thankful for your cooperation and help in this regard..
Alot of thanks

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