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16 February 2008 / external, general, reference

I thought I’d share the following, a favorite quote from an article by Gabriella Hima:

The inmost aspiration of the author is the reader’s response. Electronic writing should be an appeal to the reader to take part in the creative process, to co-write the literary composition – the work. If once literature turns from an Aufschreibsystem into an Umschreibsystem, Myron Krueger’s allusion to McLuhan’s slogan – “response is the medium” – will become true. And then we could share McLuhan’s enthusiasm about the effects of media, when he wrote: “Nothing ever printed is as important as the medium of print.” We might say, regarding the possibilities of telematical media: Nothing ever said in response is as important as the invention of the medium of the response.

This is one of two clippings on my office door at CMU. The other quote is this one, from an interview with John Maeda in the New York Times.

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