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Events that ended in 2011

Golan gives an artist's presentation at FITC Tokyo.
3 Dec 2011 - 4 Dec 2011

Eyecode appears in BEHOLD: Sight in New Media, curated by George Fifield and Heidi Kayser of the Boston Cyberarts Festival. At the Atlantic Wharf, 290 Congress Street, Boston.
10 Oct 2011 - 4 Dec 2011

Work by Golan appears in Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects, curated by Paola Antonelli and Kate Carmody. The Museum of Modern Art, NYC.
24 Jul 2011 - 8 Nov 2011

Golan's work appears in the Written Images Exhibition, at the Lab for Electronic Art and Performance (LEAP), Berlin.
1 Jul 2011 - 2 Jul 2011

Golan presents an artist's lecture, conducts two workshops on the use of computer vision in interactive art, and participates on a panel with Zachary Lieberman and Natalie Jeremijenko at the Eyeo Festival. McNamara Alumni Center, Minneapolis.
27 Jun 2011 - 29 Jun 2011

EyeCode appears in See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception, at the Work Gallery, London.
23 Jun 2011 - 24 Sep 2011

Re:Face (with Zachary Lieberman) appears in Mikser Festival 2011, Belgrade.
25 May 2011 - 29 May 2011

Golan Levin presents a solo exhibition at the Arts West Gallery, Elon University, Elon, North Carolina.
14 Mar 2011 - 11 Apr 2011

Golan's work appears in Blink! Light, Sound and the Moving Image at the Denver Art Museum, Colorado.
13 Mar 2011 - 1 May 2011

Golan presents an artist's lecture and two arts-engineering workshops at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), as part of the Caroline Werner Gannett Project's "Visionaries in Motion" visiting lecture series.
8 Mar 2011

Golan presents an artist's lecture at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. 6pm.
3 Mar 2011

A solo exhibition by Golan Levin presents at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA.
11 Feb 2011 - 20 Mar 2011

Golan performs in the Music | Machines panel section of the Festival for Art + Science + Technology (FAST) at MIT.
5 Feb 2011

The Manual Input Station appears in the Pulse Art + Technology Festival, Jepson Center for the Arts, Savannah, GA.
20 Jan 2011 - 29 Jan 2011

Golan gives an artist's presentation in the CMU School of Art Lecture Series, 5pm in McConomy Auditorium, Carnegie Mellon University campus.
18 Jan 2011

Golan hosts the first OpenFrameworks World-Wide Developer Meeting, at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, Carnegie Mellon University.
9 Jan 2011 - 15 Jan 2011

Scrapple appears in Macht Musik, at the Technical Museum Vienna.
29 Sep 2010 - 26 Jun 2011