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Events that ended in 2007

Public presentation in the MIT Media Laboratory Colloquium Series, Cambridge.
10 Dec 2007

Public presentation at The Entertainment Gathering, Getty Center, Los Angeles.
3 Dec 2007

Golan Levin, Ben Fry and Fernanda Viégas co-curate the second annual IEEE Infovis Art Exhibition, in Sacramento, CA.
27 Oct 2007 - 1 Nov 2007

The Hidden Worlds of Noise and Voice appears in the Ars Electronica pavillion at Shanghai eArts, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, China.
19 Oct 2007 - 23 Oct 2007

Interactive audiovisual software artworks appear at FAD (Festival de Arte Digital), Casa do Conde, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
29 Sep 2007 - 30 Sep 2007

Public lecture presentation in the Computational Thinking Seminar Series / Robotics Institute Colloquium Series, Carnegie Mellon University.
11 Sep 2007

The Manual Input Workstation appears in Experimenta Playground, the Australian International Biennial of Media Art, Melbourne.
25 Aug 2007 - 23 Sep 2007

Meshy appears in "Batteries Not Included", exhibition accompanying the Shrewsbury Darwin Summer Symposium 2007, Shrewsbury, UK.
13 Jul 2007

The Dumpster is honored at the 11th Annual Webby Awards Gala in New York City.
3 Jun 2007 - 5 Jun 2007

The Manual Input Workstation appears in Alive Liquid Interactive Creative Expressive ("A.L.I.C.E Museum") exhibition, Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea.
1 Jun 2007 - 22 Jun 2007

The JJ Carnivore Client appears in Source Code, Eyebeam's 10th Anniversary Exhibition.
31 May 2007 - 10 Aug 2007

Ghost Pole Propagator, a new installation, appears in the Picture House exhibition, Belsay Hall Castle, Newcastle UK.
3 May 2007 - 18 Oct 2007

The Dumpster appears in Touched Design, at the Artgadgets Center in Eindhoven, Holland.
2 May 2007 - 30 Jun 2007

Participation as Prix Ars Electronica jury member for the new Hybrid Art category. Linz, Austria.
13 Apr 2007 - 16 Apr 2007

Public lecture at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. McConomy Auditorium, 5pm.
3 Apr 2007

Test run of Ghost Pole Propagator installation at Pulse Art Fair, 69th Regiment Armory, NYC.
22 Feb 2007 - 25 Feb 2007

Dialtones: A Telesymphony (documentation video), appears in Cell Phone: Art and the Mobile Phone, Contemporary Museum, Baltimore.
22 Feb 2007 - 22 Apr 2007

Dumpster (installation version) exhibited in The Dating Show, Gallery at 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NYC.
9 Feb 2007 - 23 Mar 2007