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Facts and Suggestions for CMU BCSA Applicant Portfolios

NOTICE 1: Please note that the information in this blog post does not represent the official policy of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), the CMU Computer Science Department (CSD), the CMU College of Fine Arts (CFA), the CMU School of Art (SoA), or the CMU Office of Interdisciplinary Degree Programs.  Any suggestions below should be understood, instead, […]

“Oh no! I’m on your waitlist!”

Around this time of year I frequently receive emails from anxious Carnegie Mellon students who have tried to register for my courses, but have found themselves on the waitlist instead. It’s an understandably stressful situation for these students, who want to resolve their semester schedules and may have a strong desire to take my class. Since I have […]

CMU’s new “Master of Tangible Interaction Design”

I’m delighted to announce another new degree program in my university: the “Master of Tangible Interaction Design”, spearheaded by Professor Mark Gross, who also directs the Computational Design Lab at CMU. I’ll be one of the professors teaching in this progam, primarily in the areas of computation, interaction, and graphics. Here’s the full press release: Master of […]

Yo-Yo Ma’s Four Challenges for Future Learners (via Maeda)

Worth clipping, here’s a quick re-posting of Yo-Yo Ma’s “Four Challenges for Future Learners”, via John Maeda. (Maeda’s full retelling is here, at his RISD blog.) Make all communications memorable. Realize passion-driven education. Form disciplined imaginations. Foster empathy for all.

CMU’s new “Bachelor of Computer Science and Art”

I’m delighted to announce that CMU, where I teach, has just approved a unique new hybrid undergraduate degree program which combines Computer Science and the Arts. I had a hand in creating the new degree program, and I’ll be one of the principal academic advisors for these students.  Here’s the full text of the press […]